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We built our ‘big idea machine’, iDeeter, because we think the search for ideas should be pretty central to any team, organisation or community that wants to make the best of what it’s got and fulfill it’s potential.

So if we know that having a big idea can change everything, transform lives and businesses, overturn misfortune and so on, why wouldn’t we all put alot of energy into having and nurturing them?

It begs the question, ‘so how could you maximise the chances of having as many big ideas as possible?’.  We do have some thoughts on that.

First, you’d set aside some focused, dedicated time for exploring new ideas. We all know that the way we often spend our time on urgent tasks, rushing around fighting fires and not setting aside so much time to really think about what we’re doing, isn’t conducive to creative insights and thinking, so dedicated time for creativity is just essential.  Building in some ‘thinking time’, escaping the ‘doing’ just occasionally.

Second, you make the people you involve in your big idea search to feel comfortable with putting their views forward by creating environments that are conducive to this.  So they should feel relaxed and that their ideas are valued and will be encouraged.

Third, you make it really easy to share those ideas.  You enable people to articulate them in short, sweet and simple ‘soundbites’, then aside from your dedicated ideas time you make that opportunity to ‘ideate’ (we call it ‘iDeet’) available to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

At iDeeter we’re passionately committed to making it as simple as possible for winning ideas to get heard by the people, organisations and communities they may benefit.  We live by our fundamental belief that by sharing problems widely, by listening to everyone’s ideas, we can make things better and all kinds of problems are much more likely to get solved.


To get to a big idea you need alot of not so big ones, and we know that the process of ideas being articulated in full view of everyone helps fuel more and more, often better and better ones.

iDeeter enables all these things in a neat little online platform that revolves around iDeeter events and campaigns.  The public iDeeter site is available all the time for anyone, anywhere to query or contribute to.  And if you want an iDeeter of your own we can currently offer it as a closed, consultant led service and very soon on a licenced basis with optional managed service.

The iDeeter methods are backed up by a fairly hefty body of knowledge.  It’s difficult to place a value on a big idea but it’s clear that they are capable of very dramatically impacting on one or very many people’s or organisation’s fortunes and that’s why we get so excited about them.

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