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December 2014…

Here’s the story of how a sleepy, laid back Somerset campsite became the UK’s best-selling, with the help of a new website and bit of a social media focused marketing push, all in just one season!

A pretty modest social media promotional campaign in support of a rebrand and new website, helped completely transform a small, laid back, rural campsite into the best selling campsite in the UK on, in just a single season… just confirmed that Petruth Paddocks near Cheddar, run by Jules Sayer, was the best selling campsite in the UK through their website in 2014, of over 1,000 sites across the country featured there, and by a country (literally) mile!

Full article here:

Jules commented: “We’re just over the moon about the news that we’re the most booked campsite in the UK in 2014 on Thank you to everyone who came to the Paddocks this year and is very much part of that story.”

Jules has been running the ‘facilities light’ site for many years welcoming caravan rallies and a laid back style of camping that encourages open fires where you want them and the freedom to wind down and do pretty much whatever you want there during your stay. It’s developed a fair bit over the years through word of mouth and the website was certainly due an upgrade.

Over the last 12 months a creative team has worked with Jules to update his brand, and launch and promote a new website that really reflects that chilled out camping vibe, what they’ve gone on to call ‘Free Range Camping’.

The new website launched just in time for the season in June. They’ve used some of the wooden signage from the campsite in the imagery of the website, and tried to instil the mellow ambience of what it’s like to be there in the website copy, they’ve taken lots and lots of photos, shot ‘atmospheric’ videos, run special offers and events – a party weekend, an open air cinema night, a VW club weekend, and of course widely communicated all this, primarily through social media.

Jules himself makes a huge effort to meet, talk to and get to know all the campers, ensuring they feel welcome by delivering fire logs on his quad bike and letting kids (and a few of the grownups) ride on the back.

All in all it’s nurtured a loyal following from all over the country, and all the hard work of the last year has clearly paid off!

The creative team were: Jules Sayer – Petruth Owner / Manager, Ryan James – Web Strategy, Niall Jones – Web Project Management / Social Media Promotions, Jim O’Connor – Web Copy, Warren Cuff – Web Design, Andy Page – Web Development / Photography, Hannah Lang – Videography

Here’s a link to the new site:
And the Facebook page:

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