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If you can set a climate for having regular ‘eureka moments’ it could transform your team or organisation.

‘X factor’ ideas are much more likely to emerge when teams and organisations consciously encourage and look for them through events and systems that facilitate them.

The normal conditions or rules of office working environments are not so good at delivering such moments, which is why structured events and systems do such a great job.

Businesses can be very lazy about collecting and managing ideas, it’s often not taken seriously, and so genuinely new insights tend to drown early on before they have a chance to breathe because people are more focused on ‘today’. So, often opportunities to check alternative perspectives get relegated to occasional away days, or are not sought or gathered altogether.


Innovative organisations make more of a habit of creating these environments, and manage the process of creating and developing the ideas that emerge from them.  It’s an ongoing, structured way of working that can be embedded in the whole way an organisation functions.

Part of what I’ve been doing for a few years now is run creative strategy and problem solving events in which the conditions for teams and organisations to achieve new and breakthrough thinking are created.

A little bit of inspiration can go a long way and getting the most out of what you’ve got is paramount in the current economic climate.  You still need the perspiration bit, but picking an inspirational idea or strategy to sweat over sets the tone for success.

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