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iDeeter is a young startup with big plans to help facilitate the gathering of lots of great ideas from across the World around very focused challenges.  But it’s tough early on being a startup and we need your help so we can help others.

So we’ve summarised 7 ways you can get involved with iDeeter as a partner, iDeeter, rater or spectator this Summer.  Here we go…

First, here’s a really quick way to sign-up for future iDeeter updates Click Here to Learn More

Get involved in 3 FREE ways…
1. A public user?
Register on and have a play.  It’s always on and we’re trying different things all the time.  Go straight here:

2. New Business user?
Sign-up for a free demo and free 1 month trial of your very own iDeeter. Do it today here!:

3. Join the iDeeter team?
We’re not hiring right now but are always on the look out for volunteer iDeeters, raters, testers, moderators, community leaders, interns and students for work experience.  Go here for more about us: or email:

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If you can pay a little to benefit alot of people and causes and are…
…looking for fresh ideas, insights and targeted new thinking for your team or organisation you can try:
4. iDeeter consultant led Summer pilot partnerships for up to 3 months (3 consultant days, just 3 available) are just £3k. Learn more and enquire here:

…looking for fresh ideas and targeted new thinking for your community or a public community:
5. iDeeter promoted public campaign sponsorship. Help us hunt for ‘big ideas’, help ‘displaced people’ or with something else we can define together.  Public sponsorship campaigns start from just £5k. Or push for 1,000 + ideas around 10 or more causes for your city with ‘iDeeter city campaigns’ from £10k. Learn more and enquire here:

…for the more serious investor in ideas who wants to add value for their organisation and/or their social impact causes over the longer term you could try:
6. iDeeter annual partnerships with regular consultant led activity. 1,000’s of focused ideas for 100 or more business or social causes defined over the course of a year, facilitated with the help of and an iDeeter consultant, from just £25k.
– sponsor the ‘what’s the big idea’, ‘displaced people’ or an ‘alternative themed’ public campaign we can define together over 12 months for an additional £25k, enquire here:
– invest in a little piece of iDeeter with an equity stake from £25k (very limited availability): contact

Just spread the word…
7. Please simply share, rate, review and feedback on wherever and whenever you can.

More on iDeeter:

Really quick sign-up for future updates here Click Here to Learn More


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