Creatively developing businesses

Standout creative strategy development and execution for outstanding high growth and emerging businesses.

“To have a great idea, you need a lot of them.”

Thomas Edison

We help businesses creatively develop as strategy consultants, growth partners and digital project and campaign direction specialists.

We blend marketing and management consulting best practices by using crowd-sourcing to source the great ideas that fuel standout business and marketing strategies.

Work with us on a retained or contractor basis with your established business or partner with us to develop a business proposition, programme or initiative together.

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Markativity was set up and is led by Niall Jones.  It’s inspired by the notion that where marketing and creativity meet cool stuff often happens.  We’ve seen it!

“If Marketing is about profitably satisfying customer needs and Innovation is about effectively harnessing the best ideas in a given moment, mixing the two together should work like dynamite!”

Niall worked in corporate marketing with Yell and management consulting with Quadrangle, before leading the founding team at Capital Enterprise, now a major player on the London enterprise scene.

Between 2006 and 2012 he worked in the founding team at New Europe Directories and at City Clinic, both in Sofia. In 2014 he founded Markativity and in the same year led the digital launch of Petruth Paddocks, which went on to be the UK’s best-selling campsite in the same year.

Then in 2015 Niall founded IPE and iDeeter, a social platform for harnessing great ideas, like a ‘useful Twitter’ and by 2017 iDeeter had secured commercial terms with a major global consultancy firm.  In the same year he joined the founding team at Street 2 Boardroom, a CIC which helps ex-offenders ‘learn the legal hustle’.

Markativity clients have spanned: the tourism, engineering, financial services, education, property, professional services, software and consulting sectors.


We offer three things…


We can play a front-man role as a lead creative strategist in your business, an ‘anchorman’. Like an outsourced Marketing and Innovation Director. Helping you shape, develop, test and refine your creative assets and outputs.Typically from 3 days per month for 6 to 24 months.


You can hire us to facilitate an event or programme of events where we will help you creatively collaborate around new strategies you may want to develop. Typically at least 1 day up to a series or programme of days.They’re perfect if you want to mix things up a bit on a  Friday or an away day.


Or you can assign us to a project or campaign. We specialise in developing effective, creative digital spaces and campaigns across all media with an emphasis on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Helping draw your target customers and users to your doorstep.  From 1 day per month for at least 3 months.


Jules Sayer, Owner at Petruth Paddocks Camping

‘We engaged Niall’s services and our bookings increased some 500% that year due in large part to a well managed, well executed digital marketing strategy formed around a new website and social media promotions.

Many thanks Niall!’

Ash Philips, Founder at YENA

Niall is an innovative entrepreneur with a great product in iDeeter. He shows the hustle and hard work required to move a startup from idea to growing business.  I’d happily recommend his ability to question the status quo and innovate.

Kim Jones, Senior Consultant at High Growth Knowledge Company

Niall is an engaging and enthusiastic marketer, thoroughly interested in making a real difference through the power of ideas. He brings experience, knowledge and a real can-do attitude to create marketing solutions. I’m impressed by his ability to influence and bring people together around shared interests and to focus on results.

Rachel Jones, iDeeter Programme Lead at Bond Dickinson

‘We generated some really interesting ideas that I’m sure will be valuable to the business.’ (speaking of iDeeter)

Maria Ming, iDeeter Programme Lead at Eldon Insurance

‘iDeeter was fun, engaging and resulted in some instant ideas to consider for development of the business.’

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